Tips to improve your performance in Choices Stories You Play


Choices: Stories You Play is a very popular game nowadays, launched by pixelberry studios. It is based on the romantic novels or crime genres; you can play it on your Android or IOS devices easily.  You can customize your players easily by your choice. You can also choose the right character of your player. It is very popular because of its interesting feature; you can read many of the stories in it. It is a free game but so can also use real money to buy new clothes or to unlock new chapters. The guide is also very helpful for the beginners to learn the controls easily; sometimes experienced players also need a guide to play it, because no one can make their self-perfect in any game with the help of a guide.


It is the main currency of the game, but it is not easy to find them easily.  If you want to earn more diamonds in it, then you have to clear many or stories by using Choices Cheats. If you want to play longer, then you have to collect more diamonds. It is also called the premium currency of the game. It also helps you to purchase the new dresses or correctors.


It is the second currency of the game, and it also plays a very important role in it, because you can upgrade your stories with the help of keys. You have to clear a chapter to earn keys quickly. Collecting keys in place of diamonds is easy.


The game doesn’t give you the option to replay one chapter for many times.  So if you think that you can play an easy chapter a lot of times, then is impossible, because if you restart the story, it will erase you all progress.


It is a very important feature for the game to switch the stories easily. In other words, you can play the stories in any order you want. If you want to switch the stories, you have to click on the home button.

If you want to use real money to clear the chapter, then you can buy the keys and diamonds on it. Price for it depends on the number of keys or diamonds. This idea is useful when you want to clear the game quickly, but for the gamer, it is the best source of entertainment to clear the chapter by owns self.