What is Monster Legend Game?

Monster Legends is a multiplayer role-playing game where we can battle with our enemies or friends to earn gold, gems, and rewards. In this new generation, this game makes its name and fame.  All monsters are with their unique skills and abilities. It is a game in which we upgrade our monsters well to fight with others.  Every week there are challenges, events, items and new monsters. It can also be played on app and Facebook.

How to Start Game?

In this game, the main process is that our monsters to whom we play with fully upgrade with skills and abilities.

  • Habitat Building

The level 1 players need to know that pandalf walks you through the process of buying and setting up a fire habitat on your island.

  • Create a Monster

Once we have a habitat after that, we have to buy a new monster first, and for that, we have buy a Firesaur egg and wait until it hatch. After the egg is hatch, we put that monster in the fire habitat wisely.

  • How to feed the Monster?

This is a very crucial part as in it we have to feed our monster so that their skills and abilities will increase to perform well in a battle against the opponents.

  • Farm Building

Mostly the things in the game are not free mainly the food, so we have to grow the food on our island. The first thing we need to grow is Blue Lizard’s Tale.

  • Currencies

There are three types of currencies in the game which are as follows:

  • Gems – These are the premium currency and players can through gameplay.
  • Gold – This is the main currency as it is used in upgrading buildings and monsters.
  • Food – It is a resource to feed the monsters to incline their level.

If you want get more currencies, by trying Monster Legends Cheats now and  enjoying the game!

Monster Legend is a fantastic game to play against your friends and enemies. To become a legendary player in it we have to upgrade every monster wisely to win more and more battles.